About ProLotto

ProLotto – is a unique chance to join the community of people, who can dream, win and share the sweet joy of victory. Our aim is to provide service, to unite associates, increase your chances of winning and give you an opportunity to purchase lottery tickets of different world lotteries and the right to get your jackpot.

Lottery ProLotto service, established in 2011, already has a lot of followers, who like reliable partnership and official participation in famous lotteries of the world.
The most important for us is trust of our customers and partners. We want to develop for you!

Nowadays we successfully work in many countries, providing the best conditions, join players fr om all over the world into lottery syndicates, and we are proud of wide variety of lotteries, advanced system of bonuses and unique offers for the most active users.

Reliability and trust the most important for us

Purchasing lottery tickets on ProLotto, you become a legal participant of the draw, playing the official rules with an opportunity of using all additional options. Playing with us you have higher odds of winning, due to expanded statistics, opportunity to play in syndicates, discussing game strategies and decreasing ticket cost.
Using of SSL certificate and regular security audits, we provide you maximum privacy of your personal data. And contracts and deposits fr om lottery agents guaranty receiving of all prizes, independent on which prize category winner you’ve become.

Play with comfort

To participate the draw, you just need to fill your lottery ticket in and pay it out with any suitable payment method. Then all your bids are referred to lottery agents for execution, who purchase lottery tickets on your benefit in a country, which holds the lottery. So you just need to wait for the results of the draw and get your prize! Pay attention, citizenship and location of participants do not matter. You don’t even have to leave your house to hit the jackpot!

Your prizes belong to you

The main aim of ProLotto service is to make your dream come true! We give you an opportunity to take part in different lotteries for more than 5 years, and we glad to be part of your dream! Every year a lot of lucky winners get their prizes. Somebody gets huge surprise for a birthday celebration, others in New moon, and somebody just randomly wins a reward with Quick Pick option. You never know. All prizes, independent on their size, are paid out to winners fully, ProLotto does not levy any additional commissions, ticket cost includes all fees! If someone becomes owner of the jackpot, you won’t have to pay anything extra!

We will inform you about the winning

Absolutely all results are published on website and you can find them anytime! If you don’t have an opportunity or time to find out the results of a needed draw, in case of winning we will inform you. Money will be transferred to your account automatically, so you will just need to withdraw them. You also will be able to watch video record of the draw broadcast in our video archive, where you can find records of any lottery and get into atmosphere of a favorite game.

Bonuses and promo

ProLotto offers its customers good conditions for participation:

  • Accumulating discounts system (play more – bigger discounts)
  • Bonus program, wh ere bonus points can be exchanged for the lottery tickets.
  • Partner program

We constantly hold different competitions, for followers of your groups in social networks, wh ere you can win good prizes or free tickets for participation of various lotteries.

We like to make you presents, because we are always glad to see you!

A lot of people dream to participate world known giant lotteries, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Eurojackpot, SuperLotto Plus, SuperEnalotto and others, but not everyone knows that their dreams can come true due to ProLotto service. Opportunity to try your luck and hit your jackpot is available for everyone!

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