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Client of the bar left a lottery ticket as tips, and it turned to be winning

Barman in Missouri got a Powerball lottery ticket for tip, and it is the biggest tip, she'd ever got. As, the ticket brought girl prize of $50 000.

New exciting lottery from Italy on ProLotto

If you haven’t changed your mind to become a millionaire, welcome a new Italian lottery MillionDay. You can become a millionaire every day!

Multi-children family from Michigan hit the Powerball lottery jackpot

Philip Chippewa, father of 7 children and grandfather of 21 grandchildren won a prize of $80 million in Powerball lottery ans planning to spend them for the houses for the whole family. It would not happen if he would not participate, as he was hesitating and bought a lottery ticket at the last moment — and it changed his life upside down.

Horrible Halloween discounts

Friends, Halloween is closer and closer, and we couldn’t leave it without attention. ProLotto has prepared “Horrible discounts for each lottery” for you.

Lottery millionaire lives in trailer

Most people who managed to hit the jackpot in a lottery, changed their lives at once — buying new house, cars or spent money for travelling. But Bobby Stewart, who was lucky enough to win the lottery twice, still lives in his old trailer in Maine, and is not going to change anything.

New Polish lottery on ProLotto
Friends, welcome new lottery on ProLotto website — Polish lottery Mini Lotto.
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