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Ekstra Pensja Online Ticket Check Service

Ekstra Pensja draws are held daily. Huge prize fund brought it popularity even far away of Poland. Everyday more and more people want to join the community of participants. Everyone has his own and unique winning game strategy.

What is the best way to find out results of the lottery? First of all, you have an opportunity to watch its broadcast. Records immediately appear on the website and are available for a long time in a video archive.For those, who do not have time or opportunity to watch video records, there is an online ticket check service.

Special service on ProLotto allows you to check Ekstra Pensja lottery ticket in easiest and fastest way. In order to check your ticket online just fill the form below in. First, you need to choose the number of draw, you are interested in. Then you need to fill in the blank field with combination of numbers, you have in your lucky ticket. Enter 5 regular numbers and 1 additional and click the “check” button. Within seconds, information will be verified and you will see the result — winning combination of the draw and size of your prize, according to the quantity of numbers matched. Besides the jackpot, there are eight prize categories.

Polish lottery Ekstra Pensja is a great opportunity to improve your welfare, go through a lot of emotions and have indescribable fun! Just buy lottery ticket and check it with us.

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