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Ekstra Pensja lottery is widely known far away fr om Poland – a lot of players from Europe daily buy lottery tickets to get their “extra” salary. Odds to win a hight as Ekstra Pensja draws are held daily in Poland. During the draw six balls with numbers are rolled out of a lotto drum – 5 regular numbers and one additional. If the lucky one wins all six numbers – he becomes the owner of a Grand Prize. If the quantity of numbers matched is from 2 to 6 – you also get a reward from one of the prize categories. There are eight prize categories in Ekstra Pensja lottery.

Preliminary results of Ekstra Pensja are available online right after the end od the draw. And in some time, after recheck of all results and prize fund distribution among all prize categories, outcome appears.

We are ready to help every participant to find needed results. Our website has sections worth being studied. We have video archive, wh ere you may find draws records, also there is lottery statistics, advises on game and combinations, analytics of a game. You may use a special search filter to find the results of a needed draw.

ProLotto service made game process comfortable and easy! Buy Ekstra Pensja lottery ticket and it will change your life!

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