Ekstra Pensja Lottery

Ekstra Pensja Lottery Rules

In your Eksta Pensja e-ticket, you need to  choose 5 numbers from 1 to 35 + 1 additional number from 1 to 4. If you have at least 2 numbers matched, you get prize. It is not the jackpot, but it also counts winning.You can use a Quick Pick option and system will fill your ticket in with random numbers.

There is a new function in Extra Pensja, which increases your prize in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times, you just need to make a bet, mark it and pay out, during online ticket purchase. Currently this option is not available on ProLotto website.

Time, Date and place of holding draws

Ekstra Pensja draws are held daily at 21:40 European time. Live Broadcast is available of Polish TV channel TVP.


To participate Polish lottery Ekstra Pensja may only legal adults over age of 18. If website administration has any doubts about age of the gamer, it has all rights to require conformational documents. Also lottery is not available for those, who has official court prohibition for gambling.

Prizes and Odds for win

If you are not lucky enough to predict the whole winning combination there is still no reason to get upset. To become a winner in Ekstra Pensja Lottery you need just to have at least two numbers matched. There are eight prize categories in this lottery. Minimum reward is 5 zlotys. If you have 5+1 numbers matched, you become a winner of the Jackpot – 5 000 zlotys every month during 20 years! Isn’t it a dream? But it is absolutely real! Take a chance and you will hit the Jackpot!

Ekstra Pensja Prize Categories

Match Odds Prize
5 + 1 1:1 298 528 5 000 zl /monthly, during 20 years
5 + 0 1:432 843 25 000 zl
4 + 1 1:8 657 1 000 zl
4 + 0 1:2 886 200 zl
3 + 1 1:299 80 zl
3 + 0 1:99 25 zl
2 + 1 1:32 10 zl
2 + 0 1:11 5 zl

Ekstra Penja prizes are available for 60 days after thedate of winning draw. After the end of this period, they will be canceled and you won’t be able to claim your reward.

Ekstra Pensja Prize Taxes

All prizes, over 2 280 zlotys are the subject of 10% taxes. Taxes are levied by organizers during prize transfer. So you’ll get your winning to the prize account, excluding 10% taxes.

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