El Gordo de La Primitiva Lottery

El Gordo de La Primitiva Lottery Rules

If you decide to test your fortune in El Gordo de La Primitiva lottery, you should be familiar with basic rules. The first thing you need is a lottery ticket. Purchase a ticket and mark 6 numers in the playing fields: 5 numbers from 1 to 54 and one additional bonus Reintegro number from 0 to 9. During the game six balls are taken out of two lotto drums. The ticket that matches all six numbers (5+1), wins and its owner gets the multi-million euro jackpot! You can choose numbers by yourself or you can use a Quick Pick option and system will fill your ticket in with random numbers.

Date, Time and Place of a Game

Spanish lottery El Gordo de La Primitiva is held in Madrid, every Sunday at 09:30 PM local time. Ticket sales stop on Saturday because no tickets are ever sold on Sunday in Spain. Tickets, purchased after ticket sale close are transferred to the next draw.


The only requirement is that participant has to be at the age over 18 years old at the moment of ticket purchase. The advent of Internet sales allows you to purchase tickets from any place in the world, so the nationality and location do not matter.

Prizes and Chances for Winning

For the six correctly guessed numbers of a winning combination you win the jackpot! The minimum size is 5 million euros. There is no maximum lim it to the grand prize. There is a total of nine lottery prize categories that pay out prizes depending on how many numbers matched. Within each category, the prize is divided equally among the lucky winners. Minimum reward goes for one guessed bonus Reintegro ball.

El Gordo de La Primitiva prize categories

Match Odds Prize
5 + 1 1:31 625 100 Jackpot
5 + 0 1:3 513 900 € 100 000-500 000*
4 + 1 1:129 082 € 1 000-10 000*
4 + 0 1:14 342 € 100-400*
3 + 1 1:2 689 € 25-70*
3 + 0 1:299 € 8-20*
2 + 1 1:172 € 4-10*
2 + 0 1:19 € 3
0 + 1 (Reintegro) 1:10 € 1.5

*Indicates expected amount of money. The final amount of the prize is determined by the results of drawing and depends on the number of tickets sold and won. All El Gordo de La Primitiva prizes are valid for 3 month since the end of the winning draw.

El Gordo de La Primitiva prize taxes

In Spain players have to pay 20% taxes for any prize over 20 000 euros. Prizes smaller than 20 000 euros are not taxable!
Non Spanish residents may claim refund of levied taxes! It is possible if you pay taxes in country of your residence. In such cases, payer has to provide a special tax declaration to Spanish tax authorities, and after consideration you get full tax refund. Usually this process takes about a year.
Taxes are levied by organizations while prize pay out, so all prizes, bigger than 20 000 euros will be transferred to your prize account, levying 20% taxes.

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