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Playing EuroMillions Lottery is not only a way to have a great time and to test your luck, but it’s a good opportunity to improve your well-being with several millions. EuroMillions, a popular European lottery, is perfect for this purpose.

Every week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, the draws are held. You need to define its winning combination. Select five regular and two additional numbers and fill the playing field in.

So the ticket is purchased and filled, but how to find out the results, if for some reason you had to miss the online broadcast? By the way, many people do not like to waste time for watching the game. For them it is more important to find out whether player become a happy winner.

You can check your ticket in the newspapers or in the lottery kiosks. But these options are not suitable for everyone, especially if you live in another country. It is much easier and faster to check your lottery ticket online. You can do this immediately after the broadcast or at any other convenient moment. You do not need to even leave the house - the main thing is Internet access.

To check your EuroMillions lottery ticket on our website, fill a special form in. In front of you there are two windows. In the first, enter number of the draw, you are interested in, select, and put the combination of your lottery ticket in the second one. Click "Check", and program will show you in a moment how many numbers matched and you will see how much your EuroMillions ticket won

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