Fantasy 5 (Georgia, USA)

Draw # 324, 23 October
The drawing will take place 06:34
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Results of the last draw
323 by 10/22/2020
Total number of winners:
Amount paid at the end of the drawing:

Fantasy 5 Georgia Lottery

Fantasy 5 is a daily lottery from Georgia state. Fantasy 5 Georgia is held by Georgia Lottery company and it is one of the members of MUSL; most part of the profit is donated to educational system of this state. Association was established in 1992, however ticket sale started only in a year. In the first week over 52 million of tickets were purchased by state citizens. In the first year accusation earned 463 million dollars and this is absolute record in history of the US.

First draw of Fantasy 5 was held in November 1994 in format of 5 out of 35, but in some time it was changed to 5 out of 39, then to 5 out of 42.

Fantasy 5 draws are held daily at 23:34, local time. To hit the jackpot you need to predict combination of 5 numbers. The grand prize of the lottery is accumulative, so it increases from draw to draw, until somebody wins it. Besides the jackpot, there are also 3 prize categories.

Grand prize starts with $125 000 and the biggest was hit on July 22d, 2016 amounted $1 770 720. All citizens of this state, aged over 18 years old, can play the lottery. You can purchase tickets in special ticket sale points or in terminals in all big cities of this state. You can purchase lottery tickets only if you registered on Georgia Lottery website or through ProLotto service.

Georgia Lottery Corp donates funds for such special programs as HOPE, which helps students of Georgia state with scholarship. By taking part in Fantasy 5 lottery, you get a great chance to change your life and held state educational program.

Country: USA

Min. Jackpot: $125 000

Odds: 1:11

Schedule: Daily

Guess Range: 5/42

Taxes: 31-36%

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