Fantasy 5 (Georgia, USA)

Fantasy 5 (GA) Rules

Fantasy 5 (GA) is an American lottery, held in Georgia state. Jackpot of this lottery starts with $125 000 and increases from draw to draw until somebody hits it. To participate you have to mark 5 numbers out of 42 or choose a Quick Pick option and then change any needed number. To win the grand prize you need to predict winning combination of 5 numbers.

Time, date and place of draws

Fantasy 5 (GA) lottery draws are held daily at 23:34, eastern time. Ticket sale close 3 hours before the broadcast start. Bets, placed after ticket sale close, automatically postponed to the next draw.


Organizers of Fantasy 5 (GA) do not have any strict requirements to participants. Any legal adult can play the lottery.

Prizes and odds of winning

Fantasy 5 (GA) monetary prizes depend on quantity of tickets sold and won in every prize category. If there is no jackpot winner, its sum increases till the next draw. Minimum prize goes for 2 numbers matched winning combination. 

Fantasy 5 prize categories

Match Odds Prize
5 1:850 668 Jackpot
4 1:4 598 $500*
3 1:128 $15*
2 1:11 $1

* - Approximate prize is specified, as final size of winning is determined according to draw outcomes and depends on quantity of tickets sold and won.

All monetary prizes of Fantasy 5 (GA) lottery are valid for 180 days, since the date of a winning draw.

  • As a rule, prizes up to $249 999 are paid the same day.
  • Prizes from $250 000 to $499 999 have to be reclaimed in the hq of the lottery, until 16:00 to get their prize the same day or get them to the prize account.
  • Prizes over $500 000 are paid during 5-10 working days since date it’s reclaimed and are transferred to your bank account.

Fantasy 5 (GA) prize taxes

Tickets are purchased in Georgia state, where all prizes over $5 000 are the subject of local taxes of 6% and state tax 25%. For non US residents state tax is 30%, so all prizes over $5 000 will be transferred to your prize account, levying tax of 31% - 36%.

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