Fantasy 5 (California, USA)

Fantasy 5 Lottery Rules

Rules of Californian Lottery Fantasy 5 are very simple.In order to participate you need to purchase a lottery ticket. You have to cross out any 5 numbers fr om 1 to 39 on your ticket. While selecting numbers some people rely on intuition, others trust the Quick Pick function, in which a computer selects the five numbers for you. Purchasing a Fantasy 5 lottery ticket, you get an opportunity to hit the jackpot. Its minimum size is $70,000, but it can reach more than half a million dollars. 

Time, Date and Place of Lottery

Draws of Fantasy 5 are held daily in California at 19:00. Ticket sales stop 3 hours before the start of the broadcast. Tickets, purchased later are transferred to the next draw.


Organizers impose a standard requirement on participants: they need to reach 18 years by the time of making their bet. Due to online ticket sales your citizenship and location do not matter any longer.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Minimum jackpot is fixed at $70,000. If no one wins it in the current draw, Jackpot increases and is transferred to the next game. In order to win the grand prize you need to guess the winning combination of five numbers. The probability is 1 in 575,757. In total, there are four prize categories in Fantasy 5. The size of the rewards depends on the number of sold tickets and the quantity of winners.

Fantasy 5 prize categories

Match Odds Prize*
5 1:575 757 Jackpot
1:3 387 $500*
3 1:103 $15*
2 1:10 $1

*Indicates expected amount of money. The final amount of the prize is determined by the results of drawing and depends on the number of tickets sold and won.

All Fantasy 5 prizes, except the jackpot, are valid during 180 days!

  • Prizes less than $249 999 are paid out during till the end of the day.
  • Prizes fr om $250 000 to $499 999 are paid out the same day they are won, if the participant can visit GLC office or local lottery departments till 4 p.m. If participant can't visit lottery office, he can get his prize the next day after draw. 
  • Prizes more than $500 000 are paid out during 5-10 working days since date of withdrawing claim and are transferred to your bank account. 

Fantasy 5 prize taxes

The tickets are purchased in Califarnia state wh ere all prizes more than $599 are subject to income federal taxes 25% and state tax of 6%. If player decides to get the prize personally taxes for non US residents is 36%. Organizers levy taxes during withdrawal. That’s why all winnings more than $599 will be transferred to the prize account levy 31% — 36% taxes.

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