Permanent promotions

ProLotto offers its customers wide choice of discount programs, which allow you to participate in favorite lotteries on favorable terms.
All participants of the lottery, which jackpot became bigger than 100 million, get 5% discount.
After it becomes bigger than 200 million, discount grows up to 7%
After 300 and more, all participants of this lottery get 10% discount.

Assessment of bonus points on a website

Action Points Equivalent in $ Equivalent of the discount *
Registration on a website 25 points $0,25 25%
First ticket purchase 20 points $0,2 20%
Ticket purchase 2 points $0,02 2%

* - Equivalent of the discount is ticket cost is $1

How to use bonus points?

Bonus points may be used only for any lottery you like ticket purchase and cannot be transferred to any payment systems. Bonus points are deposited in your bonus account.
As soon as, you accumulated enough points you may fully pay your orders with bonus points instead of money. To do so, you need to choose, in payment method section, “Bonus points” and click “Play” during ordering your lottery ticket.
To make sure your payment went through, go to “User Page” — “Orders and Finance” section and find tickets purchased.

What is Bonus Account?

In Bonus Account your bonus points are deposited. Bonus points are reward points, which you get for registration on a website, filling in your profile, ticket purchases, and for participation in promos and competitions on a website and our groups in social networks.

Bonus points are equivalent of currency unit, which operating on a website. 1 bonus point on our website equals $0.01

You may find accumulated points on an upper panel right next to your nickname or on user page, in a left field with your name, prize and master accounts.

If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to earn bonus points, follow news on a website and in our groups in our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Can I transfer funds from bonus account?

No, bonus points may be used only for ticket purchase on a website.

What is accumulating discount?

This is a rewarding program for loyal customers, where the size of the discount depends on frequency of your participation in lotteries.
Different discounts work for every lottery. You may have different discounts in different lotteries.

  • With every purchase of your favorite lottery ticket, your discount increases for 1%. Discount is also summarized with special discounts, but can’t be over 15%.
  • System counts discount automatically every day.
  • Maximum current discount is 15%.

Discounts for every lottery continue cumulating right up to the moment till you regularly participate this lottery. However, if you miss at least one draw, discount for this lottery resets and accumulation starst again only after ticket purchase and accumulates with the same formula +1%.
You take part in a lottery Mega Millions in draw 990. Your discount for the next draw Mega Millions will be 1%. Then, if you take part in next draws 991 and 992, you will receive 1% additionally for each draw and discount for the next draw is 3%. If you miss next draw 993, your discount is reset because you’ve missed the draw.

Example with a special:
After jackpots rise over 100 million, ProLotto presents loyal customers 10% discount. If you have discount of 4%, then it is summarized and you will have 14%.

Promo coupon ProLotto

Promo coupon is a secret combination of digits and letters, which you have to specify in a relevant field during the order on a website.
If you want to get 15% discount you have to be the first, who activate coupon, right when it is published in ProLotto groups on:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter.

In every social network there will be only one unique code. So you have a chance to get several promo codes with a 15% discount each. Posts “Promo coupon on ProLotto” will be published in social networks in different time, several times a week, so you need just to be attentive to activate coupon before anybody else.

“Promo coupon on ProLotto” allows you to get maximum discount 15% during payment, which may consist of any quantity of combinations in one order right when you are making the order.

  • Promo coupon is usually a combination of digits, letters and a hyphen.
  • It is a one-time code
  • Coupon discounts are not summarized.
  • Code is valid for a week since the moment of publication.
  • If you tried to apply code and it did not work it may mean, that it is not valid anymore or somebody else has already used it.

You may get promo coupons taking part in our promos and competitions on a website and in social network groups.

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