What is Master Account?

Master account is funds, which you may use for lottery ticket purchase on our website. Withdrawal from Master Account is impossible.

What is Prize Account?

Prize account is used for getting prize funds. You may withdraw funds only from prize account for a payment system or to master account for ticket purchase.

What is Bonus Account?

In Bonus Account your bonus points are deposited. Bonus points are reward points, which you get for registration on a website, filling in your profile, ticket purchases, and for participation in promos and competitions on a website and our groups in social networks.

Bonus points are equivalent of currency unit, which operating on a website. 1 bonus point on our website equals $0.01

You may find accumulated points on an upper panel right next to your nickname or on user page, in a left field with your name, prize and master accounts.

If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to earn bonus points, follow news on a website and in our groups in our social networks:

What is the payment currency on ProLotto?

Payment is provided in $ US, but during the transfer from your prize account to any of your payment systems there is a conversion into the currency of your wallet/account. Big prizes are paid in currency, provided by the organizers of the lottery.

Is it necessary to deposit, for playing on ProLotto?

No, you can participate by paying out for the ticket, without master account top up.

How to replenish Master Account?

For Master Account replenish go to a User Page and click in left upper block “Top up”. Enter needed sum, choose relevant payment method fr om the list and press “Pay”. Then you’ll be redirected to the payment system page, wh ere you have to finish payment, following the instructions.
If you have problems, please, address to a customer service.

May I collect funds from a Master account?

No, you can’t. Master account serves only for ticket purchase payment. Withdrawal is possible only from a prize account.

Where can I find My Transaction list?

Find list of your payment operations on your User Page in “Orders and Finance” section. The section consists of:

  • Account replenish
  • Ticket purchase
  • Bonus assessment
  • Withdrawal of funds
  • Prizes assessment

Prizes and Payouts” section consists of prizes assessment and withdrawal of funds.

Please, prepare the number of operation you are interested in beforehand while addressing to the customer support service.

Why transaction was declined?

Possible reason of error:

  • You don’t have enough funds on your account/credit card/wallet
  • You’ve specified wrong credit card details: card number, cvv/cvc code or expiration date
  • Your bank declined transaction approval
  • There is a maintenance works in our payment gateway.

You may try to repeat operation later or use alternative payment method. In case if you have questions, address to the customer support service.

How to change payment account for prizes pay outs?

On User Page in Settings section – Accounts and Wallets you may specify accounts, you want to withdraw prize funds to. Pay attention! After account adding you will be able to change account for payment only by addressing to a customer support service.
This is necessary for a security increasing even if somebody gets your login and password he could not withdraw your prize funds to any account but the one you’ve specified in your profile.

Why my withdrawal request was declined?

Possibly the reason is you’ve made a mistake, specifying your card details or that withdrawal sum requested doesn’t match minimum sum, specified in Results and Winnings section — What is the minimum sum for withdrawal

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