What guaranties does your service provide?

We do our best to provide you all possible guaranties and private data protection for our customers. All tickets purchased are recorded by our system and are checked automatically and manually. You can be sure your ticket is purchased from the official dealer.
Besides hard identity check of our lottery agents they also deposit funds which will cover all prizes payments for our customers. We took care about your user account on our service, so even in case of loss or theft of your password only you will be able to get your prize. Customer data change or payment for any other account, except of the one you’ve specified during registration, is possible only after 3 steps authentication and confirmation of account owner identity.

Is your activity legal?

Our activity is absolutely legal as it is not licensed and does not require any additional authorization documents. That’s why our services are completely legal in all countries, which lotteries we offer on our website.
Company offers mediation services between agents from one side and customers(users) from the other side. Official cost of a lottery ticket does not change and it is set by lottery organization. Additional funds are charged for services, such as maintenance of website operation, agents salary, transport and other expenditure. In many cases final cost of a tickets and services depends on a lottery agent.

Is it legal to purchase tickets through your website?

The process of a ticket purchase is absolutely legal, because lottery agents are citizens of country, which holds the lottery and have legal right to purchase tickets on your behalf. Ticket purchase, owning and getting prizes are legal for foreigners. Bear in mind, it is implied, on official website, that citizens of a country can participate the lottery, but it is not necessary for you to be a citizen of a certain country.

ProLotto has a contract with all lottery agents, and they deposit funds as a guarantee for timely ticket purchase. All claims are regulated by a lawyer companies in every country we work with, which also holds all lottery tickets for our customers’ insurance. Every day a lot of our customers get their prizes right after winning. Play and get yours!

Can I be confident about the safety of my personal data?

Using only a robust and secure server systems, we guarantee high standards of reliability and data security.

Is the transfer of my personal data to third parties possible?

ProLotto does not transfer confidential data under any circumstances, except the law enforcement requests.

I’ve ordered tickets and you did not purchase them. Is such case possible?

Unfortunately, such case cannot be absolutely excluded, due to circumstances. In case, if there is no opportunity to perform ticket purchase for the forthcoming draw, you will get notification about it beforehand, before the draw. All funds for not implemented orders will be refunded to your accounts automatically and you will be able to place an order for the next draw or any other lottery.

Can I be sure, that I get full prize?

Yes, you get your full monetary prize. We do not levy any additional commissions. Please, do not forget that payment system, you are going to receive your prizes with, can levy commission for money transfer. Also, there is a mandatory taxes. Prizes are paid to winners, levying taxes.

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