How can I buy a lottery ticket?

To participate in favorite lottery, you need to register on a website, choose the lottery, mark a combination and pay out your order.

How many fields/combinations may I fill in?

There are no limits on a website for quantity of tickets purchased by one user. More combinations you mark, higher odds of winning the Jackpot!

Do I need to match the winning number in the exact order they are picked during the draw?

No, the order of choosing numbers, for lotteries represented on a website, does not matter. Before customer confirm the order, system automatically sorts numbers from a bet in ascending numerical order. However, don’t forget, that numbers from different ranges (regular and additional) are taken into account separately.

How many numbers do I have to match to win minimum prize?

Every lottery besides the Jackpot has several secondary prize categories. To win minimum prize you have to match from 2 to 3 numbers, depending on a lottery. The more numbers you matched, the higher is secondary prize.

Which lottery has higher odds of winning?

On ProLotto website you may participate in the best lotteries of the world. Some gamers prefer lotteries with higher odds of winning, others revel in racing for a record Jackpot. The choice is up to you!

Lottery Odds of winning the Jackpot Odds of winning minimum prize Minimum prize
SuperEnalotto 1:622 614 630 1:22 €5.00
Powerball 1:292 201 338 1:38 $4.00
Mega Millions 1:302 575 350 1:24 $1.00
La Primitiva 1:139 838 160 1:10 €1.00
Loto 6 aus 49 1:139 838 160 1:10 €5.00
Loto (Slovakia) 1:139 838 160 1:10
EuroMillions 1:116 531 800 1:23
€3.00 - 5.00*
Eurojackpot 1:95 344 200 1:42 €6.00 - 9.00*
Gosloto «7 out of 49» 1:85 900 584 1:22 100rub
Megalot 1:52 457 860 1:40 18uah - 25uah*
SuperLotto Plus 1:41 416 353 1:49 $1.00
El Gordo de la Primitiva 1:31 625 100 1:10 €1.50
Euromiliony 1:25 632 288 1:8 €4.40*
Super Loto 1:20 358 520 1:18 10uah
Lotto (Poland) 1:13 983 816 1:57 24zl
Bonoloto 1:13 983 816 1:10 €0.50
Lototurf 1:8 835 372 1:10 €1.00
Gosloto «6 out of 45» 1:8 145 060 1:7 100rub
Ekstra Pensja 1:1 298 528 1:11 5zl
Loto Maxima 1:1 221 759 1:12 8uah
Mini Lotto 1:850 668 1:128 18zl - 50zl*
Fantasy 5 1:575 757 1:10 $1.00
Gosloto «5 out of 36» 1:376 992 1:8 60rub
Loto 5 z 35 1:324 632 1:8 €3.30

* - Indicates approximate size of the prize. Final size of prize is calculated with the results of the draw and depends on quantity sold and winning tickets.

As a rule, lottery with the least quantity of balls provides higher chances of winning. If you want to increase the probability of winning, choose the game, which has fewer numbers in one combination. If you believe in your fortune, why don’t you try your luck in a lottery with smaller chances but higher jackpots and win the prize, which will make your dreams come true!

Where can I find chosen combinations?

You may find paid bets/combinations in your User Page in “Tickets” section. Just click on a ticket. Also, bets paid and unpaid are displayed in “Orders and Finance” section. Choose needed order and click on it.

What is a Quick Pick option?

The Quick Pick option allows you automatically fill in your ticket with random numbers.

When do ticket sales close?

Lottery ticket sales close several hours before official draw start, as a rule, 3-4 hours. This is necessary for a lottery agent not to have any difficulties with timely ticket purchase. There is a timer on a page of each lottery, showing how much time left till ticket sale end for the following draw. During this time you have opportunity to purchase lottery ticket. All tickets, purchased after the end of ticket sale, automatically participate in the next draw.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order within 2 hours after its payment in case, if ticket sales for the forthcoming draw are still available. If ticket sale for current draw is closed — the order cannot be canceled.
Cancellation of the order is carried out on a User Page in “Orders and Finance” section. Find needed order and click “Cancel”. If there is no “Cancel” button, it means that time when the cancellation is possible has expired.

In what case bet would not take part in a draw?

Your bet/combination, won’t participate the draw in case of untimely payment — if payment is received after the end of ticket sale for the forthcoming draw.

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