Who buys tickets?

Tickets are bought by lottery agents, who are officially represents the lottery from ProLotto service. All identification process for each new lottery agent takes several months. Besides all documentary certification, lottery agent has to provide a deposit funds as the insurance for winnings and fines for wrong/untimely ticket purchase.

Where the lottery tickets are purchased?

Tickets are purchased only at the local official sale points and through internet (for some lotteries).

When lottery tickets are purchased?

Lottery tickets, are usually purchased in a day of draw. It made order processing and ticket purchase easier.

Where is my ticket kept?

All tickets purchased are kept at a lawyer agency, which officially cooperates with ProLotto service.

Can I get a lottery ticket per post?

We do not send lottery tickets by mail as ticket mailing per post is prohibited in many countries. Also, in case of winning, for example, $500 - $2000 you don’t need to go to the USA for getting your reward, as your tickets are kept in official lawyer agency in US. So you will be able to get your prize on your prize account.

How can I get the Original Ticket?

We provide original ticket to a customer only in case of a big winning (1st and 2nd, sometimes also the 3d, prize categories). Ticket transfer is carried out only in country, where it was purchased, only personally, in one of our lawyer agencies.

Scan copy of my ticket does not match my order, what shall I do?

In such case, you have to apply for our customer support service, on your User Page, with detailed description of your claim, specifying “Common questions” category. Probably, you were sent other scan by accident.

Why scan copies of the tickets are available not for every lottery?

Scan copies of the tickets are available only for those lotteries, which tickets were purchased in a special ticket sale points of the official representative of the lottery. Ticket copies, which were purchased on official websites, are not granted, as lottery ticket providing is not appropriate on these lotteries. In such cases, at your request, you will get a screenshot of the User Page, showing that current combination is paid and will take part in a forthcoming draw.

When can I see scan copy of the ticket?

You can see scan copy of the ticket only if you’ve marked and paid “View my ticket” option. Copy appears on your User Page depending on the time of the day. Please, don’t forget about time zones differences between your country and lottery agent’s country.
In case, when ticket purchase is not available due to technical error or circumstances, your ticket will be revoked and its price will be refunded to your master account on a website.

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