Is registration on a website is mandatory for playing?

If you want to purchase lottery tickets on our website, registration is mandatory. This is obligation for our customers' identity and security of payment operations provision. Registration takes only several seconds. Registration is not necessary,for finding information on our website.

If email and phone number confirmation necessary?

Confirmation is a necessary safety measure and protection from frauds, during different prizes' payout. Confirmation is absolutely free. Also, email confirmation and phone is necessary only for money transfer from your prize account. You can participate in lotteries without email confirmation.

Why do I have to provide my phone number?

You have to specify your phone number for we can contact you directly when you become owner of a big prize.

Confirmation code is not received to my email

If you don’t have email from ProLotto in your inbox, to finish confirmation, please, go to a “Spam” folder, find a letter and amrk it as “Not Spam”. Letter will be relocated to Inbox. Then you will be able to open email and finish confirmation, by pressing on a link.

I get a notification, that my email or phone are already registered on a website, what should I do?

If you see such notification, it means that user account with email or phone you’ve specified is already engaged. If you don’t have access t account, please, address customer support service.

What if I forget my password?

You need to press “Log in” on upper panel of the site. Then press “Forgot password?” and specify email, chained to your account, then press “Restore password”. You’ll receive email with further instructions. In case if you have any difficulties, please, address customer support service.

Password change

To change password to log in, please, go to “Settings” section on a User Page. In central part of a page you will find a password change form. After specifying changes, click “Change my password”.

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