How are prizes accrued?

Prizes are automatically transferred on your prize account. In case of winnings for 1st and 2nd prize categories, we’ll call you on the phone specified in your profile and agree on further actions.

How long does it take to collect my prize?

1. At the expence of lottery agents deposit, prizes less than $5 000 are transferred to your prize account during 2-3 hours after the official announcement of the results.

2. Taxable prizes, are transferred to your prize account after the confirmation of taxes payout by lottery agents, as a rule, it takes up to 3 working days. Detailed information about taxes you may find on a page of each lottery in “Rules” section.

What data do I have to provide for prize receiving?

1. To get a prize less than $600 you don’t have to provide any additional data. Information you specified in your profile during the registration and confirmed phone number and email are enough.

2. For pay outs of prizes from $600 to $5 000 you will have to provide scan of your passport and write to a customer service, specifying the amount for withdrawal and the payment system you choose.

3. Withdrawal request is considered up to 3 working days. Sometimes it may be postponed for several days due to weekend, holidays or workload of a website.

Can anyone other than me get my winnings?

Winnings may be paid out only to the owner of account on our website, to the bank account (payment system account) specified in your Profile. To change the payout account you have to go through additional confirmation and authentication. If it is necessary you may sign proxy for somebody to get your prize.

Can I continue playing without my prize withdrawal?

Yes, you just need to go to “Winnings and payouts” section, transfer prize to your master account and continue participation in favorite lotteries.

What is the payment currency?

Payment is provides in $ US, but during the transfer from your prize account to any of your payment systems there is a conversion into the currency of your wallet/account. Big prizes are paid in currency, provided by the organizers of the lottery.

Is there any prize commission levied?

No, ProLotto does not have any commissions, independent of the size of a prize. Only bank commissions, which are levied for money transfer to your payment system may be the exception.

Do I have to pay taxes for my prize?

In every country there is a government system of taxing, and we are to pay taxes for any prizes, according to the tax laws of a country which holds the lottery. If your prize is taxable, funds will be transferred to your prize account levying taxes. Some lotteries may automatically levy local/federal taxes before prize funds are transferred to your account.
More details about size of taxes for each lottery, you may find on a page of a lottery in “Rules” section.

What if I win the Jackpot?

Jackpot and winnings of 2nd prize category are paid out by organizers only personally. In case of winning, managers of the lottery will contact you with the phone specified in your profile for discussing of the further actions.
All questions, connected to receiving of big prizes will be agreed according to your opportunities and wishes. In any case the way of the most comfortable prize receiving will be found.
Company will also help to organize for you a trip to a country of the lottery: visa opening, air ticket purchase, organization of residence in country of the lottery. All costs are paid by you and only after prize receiving.
The winning ticket will be referred to you personally in presence of lawyers and you will be accompanied to a representative lottery office for getting your prize.

Can I get the Jackpot anonymously?

Unfortunately, according to the laws of some countries, lottery organizers demand open receiving of the Jackpot, but ProLotto service would not publish name and photos of the winners without their permission.

Are prizes payment delays possible and what are the reasons?

Prizes payments are submitted timely, without delays:

  • to the prize account is instant
  • on payment systems, up to 3 banking days.

Sometimes funds transfer may be postponed to several days in case of holidays or heavy workload of the service.

How long does it take until withdrawing funds reach my bank account/wallet?

  • Withdrawing to master account is instant.
  • Withdrawing to payment systems — up to 3 banking days.
If you haven’t got funds during this period, please, address to our customer support service.

Prizes withdrawal

Withdrawal is possible only fr om prize account. You just need to go to “Top up/Pay out” section, which you can find on your User Page. Detailed instructions for withdrawing of prizes from ProLotto prize account are here.

Payment system PS commission Minimum Maximum Processing
WebMoney 0.8% $5 $5 000 up to 3 days
Yandex.Money 0.5% $5 $5 000 up to 3 days
Crypto 0% $50 $200 000 up to 3 days
QIWI 1.0% $5 $2 000 up to 3 days
Visa Card min $3,5 + 5% $600 $5 000 2-5 days
MasterCard min $3,5 + 5% $600 $5 000 2-5 days

1. Withdrawing of prizes less than $300 only payment system fee is levied.
2. Withdrawing of prizes from $300 to $1 000 banking transfer fee (size of fee depends on country of the lottery) and payment system commission are levied.
3. Withdrawing of prizes from $1 000 to $10 000 we use TransferWise, Western Union, MoneyGram services, wh ere money transfer fee is also levied, its fee depends on country of the lottery and country of the winner.
4. Prizes more than $ 10 000, as a rule, are transferred through Western Union, MoneyGram systems or through several SWIFT transfers on your credit card or via single wire transfer. Several swift payments allow to avoid taxes in some cases.
5. Currency conversion is provided at an exchange rate of the payment system at the moment of prize payment.
6. In case of big winnings payment method may vary.
7. If none of offered methods suits you, you can use any exchanger and change money to any relevant currency and change to any suitable payment system. Exchanger fee is paid by you.

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