It seems website is displayed incorrect. What should I do?

If it seems to you that website is displayed incorrect, try to reload site in another browser.

I paid for my order, but it is not displayed on my User Page. What shall I do?

According to your payment method order status may change with a delay. If you are sure that funds had to reach us already, but order status hasn’t changed, please, address our customer support service. Your claim will be processed primarily as fast as possible.

What happens in case of declined transaction?

In case of declined transaction your order will be saved on your user page in “Orders and finance” section. Then, you will be able to top up your wallet/account and pay your order out.

I can’t pay with my credit card

Reasons of declined payment:
- No sufficient funds on your card;
- Your card is expired;
- Transaction was declined by Bank:

This kind of message means, that your bank declined payment. Usually, it happens due to internet payment limit was exceed. 90% of cards fr om the beginning have set limit, prohibiting payment through the Internet. To solve this problem, you need to call your bank. There is needed phone number on your card, usually, on the back of it. Bank operator will help you to solve this problem and increase your Internet payment lim it on the phone. Limits may abridge payments through the Internet as well as maximum size of one-time payment. So please, find out if you have any limits connected to payments through the internet and ask Bank Operator to set relevant limits for your card. Besides banking cards we accept other payment methods.

I have all needed numbers matched. Why I haven’t got my prize?

To get prize you need to guess minimum quantity of numbers, placed in one playing field (in one bet). All information about prize categories are on a page of lottery rules. If you have any questions, please, address to our customer support service.

I haven’t get my prize on my wallet

Prizes are transferred to your prize account during three hours after official announcement of the results. Withdrawal from your prize account may take up to three banking days, according to your payment system. Winnings from prize account to your master account are transferred instantly. If it has been more time since confirmation of money transfer request, please, address to customer support service.

I got incomplete winning amount

During winning receive to your account/wallet, you should take into account that sum will be decreased for commission of your payment system. You may find detailed information about commissions on “Prizes” page in Questions and Answers section. Also remember, that all prizes over certain amount are the subject of federal taxes of country-organizer of the lottery. You may find taxes for each lottery on its page. All prizes are transferred levying taxes.

I can’t withdraw prize from my account!

Please, check if one of cases matches yours:

  • You are trying to withdraw less, than minimum withdrawal sum possible.
  • You are trying to withdraw funds from bonus account
  • You are trying to withdraw fund, which was deposited to your master account. Unspened deposit is returned in private capacity after request to a customer support service.

Through “Prizes” section you can withdraw only prize funds which are on your prize account.

I haven’t received bonus points!

All bonuses are transferred automatically. If you think that you haven’t got your bonus points, please, address to customer support service.

I forgot my Login and/or password. What shall I do?

Your data can be restored with this link. If you haven’t got automatic email, probably it got into spam folder. Mark it as “Not Spam” and it will be replaced to Inbox, where you can open it and finish login and password restore. You can also address to the customer support service.

How soon will I get a reply on my email?

We are doing our best to answer all your questions as fast as possible. You will get a reply to your claim/request within 24 hours to the email, you’ve specified in your profile and you may also find it on user page in “Customer support service” section.

I have account on ProLotto and I’ve tried to authorize through social network and all my data disappeared!

If you already have account on our website, and you want to get access to it through social network, please, make sure you’ve specified one and the same email. In case, if during registration on ProLotto you’ve specified another email when you’ll try to authorize through social network new account will be created. Please, pay attention, that in this case you won’t be able to use bonus points, discounts, funds on your accounts and get the same notifications on your new account. If you need detailed information, please, address to our customer support service.

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