How does ProLotto service work?

ProLotto is an online service, where you can purchase lottery tickets and play any lottery of the world, right from your computer, independently on your location or citizenship.

After a short registration, start your own race for the multi-million jackpot. Choose your favorite lottery with the biggest jackpot or with the highest odds. Mark your lucky combination and pay out your order.

Then, lottery agents (official representatives of ProLotto service), who live in a country wh ere draws are held, buy a ticket with combination you’ve marked, at the official ticket sale point.

Do I have a right to participate in other countries' lotteries?

Yes, ProLotto gives you an opportunity officially participate in any lottery of the world, independently on your location or citizenship. You choose combination for your lottery ticket on our website in your country, then lottery agents purchase tickets for you in country which holds the lottery.

All tickets are kept at lawyer agency, which officially cooperates with ProLotto. In case of winning, all fund will be transferred to your prize account without levying any commissions, excluding big prizes, which are the subject of taxes.

How is ProLotto service connected with official lotteries?

ProLotto is an independent international company and is not an organizer or official representative of any lottery. Website provides services for online lottery tickets purchase and acts as guarantor between lottery agents and customers.

Why the ProLotto ticket cost is higher than official saller's?

The price of the ticket on a website is indicated including fee for our services and salary of lottery agents, and depends on lottery, country which holds the lottery and way of ticket purchase.

Is there any age limits for playing?

Only if player has reached the age of 18 years at the moment of ticket purchase, he can participate. ProLotto has a right to demand provision of the age confirmation during prize payouts.

Do you have license?

Our activity is not a subject of licensing and does not require any authorization documents. We provide only informational and mediation services between customers and lottery agents.

Where is your office located?

ProLotto project was created by friends, lottery players from different countries. That’s why in every country, which holds the lottery offered, we have lottery agents or member of our company. Main office is located in GLD S.A. Av. 8, Calle 10-12, San Jose, Costa Rica and serves mostly for correspondence. On security case we provide location of customer service centers only for getting prizes of 1st and 2nd categories.

I have a special question, which I do not find in FAQ section

If you have any additional questions, which you can't find in this section, please, contact us.

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