How do I know if I won?

Our system automatically checks all tickets after the draw and official announcement of the results. If your ticket is winning, you will get a notification through the system of inner messages on our website and you will be able to get notifications about winnings to your email by subscribing.
In case of winning funds will be transferred to your prize account at once. In case of big winnings, we will contact you on the phone, you’ve specified and confirmed in your profile.

How to check if my ticket won?

Personal ticket check is pleasant and reliable. If you check your combination personally, you will be 100% sure in a correct size of your prize.

There are several ways to you can check your ticket on our website:
1. On User Page, in “Winnings and payouts”section.
2. In “Tickets” section. If your ticket is winning, you will find sum of your prize in a yellow panel right above the ticket.
3. In “Ticket Check” section. Choose the number of the draw and fill in needed fields and in a moment you will see the sum of your prize and winning combination of the draw.
4. In “Results” section. Choose the lottery and find needed draw and, if you authorized, you’ll see the results of the draw and sum of winning.

What is the Prize category?

Prize category is a sum of your prize if you matched 2 or 3 numbers and more. Size of the prize category may vary and depends on prize fund of the lottery and quantity of winners.

When the results of the draw appear on a website?

Results are published on a website right after their announcement on official website of the lottery. To find the results of the lottery, please, visit your favorite lottery page to “Results” section.

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