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Gosloto “5 out of 36” Online Ticket Check Service

For many families Gosloto “5 out of 36” is a chance to change life instantly by turning them into a millionaires! Simple rules and a large jackpot have made Gosloto “5 out of 36” attractive even outside Russia. Anyone can try their luck every day; all you need to do is to buy a lottery ticket and correctly predict numbers of winning combination.

Using our service, you may easily check your Gosloto “5 out of 36” ticket online. Online ticket check service can greatly save you time, because this option is available at any time of a day and takes several minutes; all you need is internet access.

For your convenience, on our website there is a special form for online lottery ticket check. You just need to enter the number and date of the draw your ticket played in, and the combination of numbers from your lottery ticket. Program will check how many numbers matched and display the results and size of your prize at once.

Gosloto “5 out of 36” has gained a huge following in Russia and abroad. Trust your intuition, choose your lucky combination, fill lottery ticket in, and we will help you check the results quickly and easily.

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