Russia Gosloto «6/45»

Draw # 5521, 30 November
The drawing will take place 11:00
Raffle through
Results of the last draw
3821 by 08/03/2018
Total number of winners:
Amount paid at the end of the drawing:
267,028 rub
About Gosloto “6 out of 45

Among different lotteries in Russia, there is one which is particularly popular: the national Gosloto “6 out of 45” lottery. From the first draw on November 2008, it was continuously exciting fans with several things. First of all, the rules are very simple. Second, the jackpot can consist hundreds of millions rub. Finally, it is very easy to buy tickets, as they can be purchased at certified dealers as well as through online services.

Once a player purchases a lottery ticket in any place of Russia, bet appears in a special database. Due to this electronic system, all results, inclluding quantity of winners and size of prizes for each prize category are known right after the end of the broadcast.

This lottery is especially adored by those who like simple rules and simple games. In order to take part in the draw, you just need to choose any six numbers and mark them in your ticket. There are no additional balls or bonuses; everything is a clear lottery classics. During the draw, six numbers fall out of the lottery drum, and if your numbers match the ones that dropped, you hit the jackpot!

You may watch draws daily, as they occur at 11:00 and 23:00 local time every day. All broadcasts of the draw are stored in our video archive, so do not worry if you aren’t able to watch it live.

Throughout the history of Gosloto “6 out of 45”, approximately 70 people have hit the jackpot. The total prize fund of the lottery for its seven years has exceeded 6 billion rub. The minimum amount of the grand prize is 1 million rub, and the biggest jackpot ever hit is 364 million rub., on May 21st in 2017 by a player from Sochi.

Gosloto “6 out of 45” gives everyone an opportunity to try their luck and become a millionaire!

The main feature of Gosloto “6 out of 45” is the fact that 5% of profits go to the development of culture and sports in Russia. These funds are used in the development of public sports programs and infrastructure, so the money that you pay for your ticket goes to a good cause!

Country: Russia

Min. Jackpot: 50 million rub

Odds: 1:7

Schedule: Daily

Guess Range: 6/45

Taxes: 13%

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