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Gosloto "6 out of 45" Online Ticket Check Service

The Gosloto “6 out of 45” is not only a fun way to spend time, but it is also an opportunity to instantly become a millionaire! If Luck follows you why won’t you try it in lottery and win?

One of the most popular lotteries in Russia is Gosloto “6 out of 45”. The gameplay is full of joyful anticipation and hope. Buy a ticket, and choose six numbers of your combination. There are several options to check your lottery ticket. One is to watch the live broadcast. Another, is to visit the nearest lottery stall. Or, you may wait until results appear in press.

However, the easiest way to check the results of your Gosloto “6 out of 45” ticket is to use our online ticket check service. You just need to fill in a form: enter number and date of a draw and combination of six numbers from your ticket and program will instantly show you the quantity of numbers matched and prize amount for your bet.

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