Russia Gosloto «7/49»

Draw # 11750, 30 November
The drawing will take place 10:30
Raffle through
Results of the last draw
7654 by 08/03/2018
Total number of winners:
Amount paid at the end of the drawing:
404,040 rub
About Gosloto "7 out of 49"

Among all the lotteries in the world, some are particularly beloved. One of these is the Russian national "Gosloto" 7 out of 49 lottery. It has long been popular among Russians. Due to several factors: the lottery rules are simple, and the main prize is a rather impressive amount.

In addition, the Goverment guarantees the payment of the prize money, which is important. Not all lotteries can provide such guarantees.

The whole point of the game comes from its name. Participant is required to choose only seven numbers out of 49, mark them in a ticket, and wait for the results. The lucky ones who are able to accurately determine all seven numbers get the grand prize. This is not a small sum; Minimum jackpot reaches 100 million rubles.

Bets placed in any city of Russia, immediately get into the database. Accurate system update provides you with all information about draw results right after the broadcast. Draws are held daily five times a day.

However, not only the player who correctly identified all seven numbers is the winner; there are five prize categories: for three, four, five and six correctly guessed numbers. So even if half of a combination matched, you still can win a prize!

If you're a gambler, you should try your luck in the national lottery "Gosloto" 7 out of 49. A multi-million prize is very close! You only need to trust your intuition and choose 7 winning numbers!

Country: Russia

Min. Jackpot: 100 million rub

Odds: 1:20

Schedule: Daily

Guess Range: 7/49

Taxes: 13%

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