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Gosloto "7 out of 49" Online Ticket Check Service

Gosloto "7 out of 49" rapidly gained popularity far beyond Russia. Every day people all over the world buy tickets for this lottery. The participation rules are not complicated; you only need to mark seven numbers in your ticket. Draws are held every day, but not everyone has time to watch them. How, then, can you check the ticket of Gosloto "7 out of 49"?

The quickest and easiest way is checking tickets online. Due to modern technologies you can receive information if your bet matches a winning combination immediately after the broadcast. You can access to the results anywhere in the world. All you need for this is just to use our web service.

In Check my ticket” section fill a standard form in. It contains two windows. Enter the combination of numbers in your ticket and select number and date of the draw. This can be the latest draw or previous ones. Program will check your bet and in a moment show you all numbers matched the winning combination and sum of your prize. If you guessed seven numbers out of seven, you hit the jackpot. If you are not lucky enough to guess all the numbers, do not worry, because Gosloto "7 out of 49" offers four prize categories. If you guess three or more numbers, then you are guaranteed to get a reward. Check your tickets as soon as possible!

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