Lotto (Poland)

In national currency: 2,000,000 zl
Draw # 6482, 22 October
The drawing will take place 10:40
Raffle through
Results of the last draw
6481 by 10/21/2020
Total number of winners:
Amount paid at the end of the drawing:
3,613,238 zl
About Lotto Poland

Fulfill your dreams and become a millionaire. Thanks to the Lotto, the largest lottery in Poland, someone becomes a millionaire every week.

Lotto (Toto-Lotek until 1975, Duzy Lotek until 2009) is the oldest and most popular lottery among Poles. Organized by the Totalizator Sportowy Company, the first drawing took place on January 27th, 1957.

According to the statistics, every year people spend up to 3.5 billion zlotys annually on the lottery; not millions, billions! According to surveys made by Totalizator Sportowy, every Pole spends an average of €15 on Lotto tickets (about 60 zlotys). The organizers of the lottery also have conducted interesting research. To the question “How would you spend the money if you won?” the majority (80%) answered that they would purchase a new house or a fancy car. Every fourth Pole would spend the money on a tour of the world. However, these desires are very modest, as participants won a total of 1.7 billion zlotys in 2012 and 2013!

The largest jackpot ever was hit onMarch the 16th, 2017 in the city of Skszyszow. On this day, the winner took home 36 726 210 zlotys. This lucky winner is now able to use his money to buy whatever he wants! He planed to take a round-the-world-voyage and purchase a new car.

Have you already imagined how you are going to spend your jackpot? Perhaps you are the next lucky winner.

Country: Poland

Min. Jackpot: 2 million zl

Odds: 1:57

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Guess Range: 6/49

Taxes: 10%

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