Lotto (Poland)

Lotto Poland Lottery Rules

Fulfill your dreams with Polish Lotto where every week participants turn to millionaires. To participate, mark 6 numbers from 1 to 49. You can mark numbers by yourself, using your personal system or use a Quick Pick option and program will fill your ticket with random numbers.

Graj z Plusem – is an additional option. After ticket fill mark this option and pay for it and your combination will participate in additional draw of 1 million zlotys. Currently, thins option is not available.

Time, Date, and Place of Draws

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can become a millionaire by playing the Polish Lotto. Draws are held at 21:40 on TVP (Polish TV). Ticket sales close 3 hours before start. Bets placed after ticket sale stop will be automatically postponed for the next draw.


To take part in the lottery, you must be at least 18 years old. The seller is legally allowed to ask you to provide a photo ID to verify your age. Also, those who are legally barred from gambling can not participate.

Prizes and Chances of Winning

In the Lotto you play for millions. If you correctly guess the combination of six numbers, then you’ll become the happy owner of at least 2 million zlotys or more, if no one wins the grand prize, money will be transferred to the next drawing, and the prize continues to grow up until someone wins. If there are several winners, the prize is divided equally among them.

Polish Lotto prize categories

Match Odds Prize fund dividion Prize
6 1:13 983 816 43% Jackpot
5 1:54 201 8% 5 300zl*
4 1:1 032 13% 170zl*
1:57 36% 24zl

* - Indicates expected amount of money. The final amount of the prize is determined by the results of drawing and depends on the number of tickets sold and won.

All prizes of Polish Lotto are available for 60 days after the winning draw. After this period expiration, you won’t be able to get your prize.

Polisj Lotto Taxes

All prizes more than 2 280 zlotys are subject of local taxes of 10%. If you won more than 2280 zlotys, prize will be transferred to your account levying 10% taxes.

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