Ukrainian Loto Maxima

In national currency: 2,184,000 uah
Draw # 2203, 22 October
The drawing will take place 10:50
Raffle through
Results of the last draw
2202 by 10/22/2020
Total number of winners:
Amount paid at the end of the drawing:
88,306 uah
About Loto Maxima

“Loto Maxima” is one of the Ukrainian national lotteries. This lottery is similar to SuperLoto, draws are clear and fair, ticket cost is not high and you can enjoy playing every day. “Loto Maxima” is an ideal game for those, who likes to win fast and easy. Rules are very simple while odds of winning are very high.

“Loto Maxima” draw broadcasts are held daily at 22:50. Lottery's activity is carefully regulated by government, and during games authorized representatives monitor the fair holding of the draw. Their aim is to exclude frauding. During history Loto Maxima there were no cases of frauding – everything is pure.

To participate Loto Maxima you have to mark your combination and pay out the lottery ticket. Format of the lottery is 5 out of 45. The one, who guess the whole winning combination, gets the grand prize. Maximum jackpot was hit on August 2014, and amounted to 3 961 501 UAH.

There are four prize categories in Loto Maxima. Minimum prize is 15 UAH, it is given for 2 numbers matched the winning combination. Size of the jackpot is not fixed and it differs with every next draw, but you can get it if you have 5 numbers in your bet, matched the winning combination. The rest of the prize fund divides proportionally among two categories. In case, if nobody hit the grand prize, its sum is transferred to the next draw. All prizes are valid for 180 days, since the date of a winning draw.

“Loto Maxima” is a really easy and interesting game. You don’t have to master any additional knowledge or skills to participate. Everything you need is luck and trust to your intuition. Participant have to purchase a ticket, mark 5 numbers and wait for the next draw. The only requirement – you have to reach the age of 18 to take part.

Want to try your luck and win? “Loto Maxima” is a wonderful way to do it! Purchase your ticket and win your jackpot!

Country: Ukraine

Min. Jackpot: 15 500 UAH

Odds: 1:12

Schedule: Daily

Guess Range: 5/45

Taxes: 19.5%

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