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Ukrainian Loto Maxima draws are held daily. It is unique in that it has simple rules and big jackpot – for one moment your life can be changed upside down.

To win you have to mark a five-numbers combination and pay out your lottery ticket. If during the draw your combination rolls out, you will become a winner. By the way, jackpot is only one prize category out of 4. If you have from 2 to 4 numbers matched – you still get reward.

You can check your ticket online – everything needed is any device with internet access. Our online service will make it easy and fast. You can choose any kind of ticket check service currently available on ProLotto: you can watch the broadcast record or use our online ticket check service.

To know the result you have to specify the number of draw in the drop-down list and next to it enter the combination from your ticket. After program processes your Loto Maxima ticket, you will see the winning combination and prize amount on a screen.

Due to lotteries every day somebody becomes a millionaire. Hundreds of thousands of participants all around the world are ready to check their luck on a road to wealth. Trust your intuition – take part in Loto Maxima and win your jackpot!

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