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Winning combination. Loto Maxima outcomes

To win Loto Maxima jackpot try to guess five numbers of a winning combination. If you manage to do that, you will become an owner of a multi-million wealth. Every draw brings new winnings and thousands of participants want to know Loto Maxima results as fast as possible.

Our internet-service was developed for those, who like lotteries. You can find here results of the latest draws and even more... The only thing you need is to have internet access. Preliminary outcomes are announced during the broadcast, when in front of a million viewers five balls with numbers are taken out of the lotto drum. The final outcomes of Loto Maxima draws become announced after results processing by a special commission. It peculates the quantity of winners and divides the prize fund, according to quantity of numbers matched. After results’ announcement, every participant can view the Loto Maxima outcomes online on our website.

Furthermore, there is a special filter, on a current page, which can help you to find needed draw fast and easily. You can also find out the results of the draw by watching video record of the broadcast from our archive or using online ticket check service.

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