Ukrainian Loto Maxima

Loto Maxima Rules

Mark on your play slip 5 numbers out of 45. You can take part in one or several subsequent draws. Maximum quantity of draws depends on you. If you don’t want to choose numbers by yourself, you can use a Quick Pick option, which will fill in your ticket with random numbers.

Date, Time, and Place of draws

Loto Maxima draws are held daily. Broadcast starts at 22:50 Kiev time. Ticket sale for the upcoming draw is closed 3 hours before the broadcast. Tickets, purchased later are transferred to the next draw.


Loto Maxima organizers do not have any strict requirements to the participants. The only requirement is that player has to reach the age of 18 for the moment of ticket purchase.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Loto Maxima prize fund doesn’t have fixed size and may grow up, until it is hit. Minimum prize is 15 UAH, and probability to hit it is 1 to 12. This is the prize for 2 numbers out of 5, matched the winning combination. To hit the jackpot you have to guess all 5 winning numbers.

Loto Maxima Prize Categories

Match Odds Prize
5 1:1 221 759 Jackpot
4 1:6 108 8 328UAH*
3 1:156 202UAH*
2 1:12 15UAH

* - Indicates expected amount of money. The final amount of the prize is determined by the results of draw and depends on the number of tickets sold and won.

Super Loto prizes are valid for 180 days from the date of the draw. If winners do not managed to claim the prize during this period, they are to be canceled and get to the prize fund.

  • Prizes less than 500 UAH are paid out during 24 hours
  • Prizes from 500 to 24 999UAH (including), are paid out during 3-7 days after winning draw to your bank account.
  • Prizes bigger than 25 000UAH are issued personally in a main office of UNL in Kiev, by bank account transfer.

Loto Maxima prize taxes

There are current taxes, valid for all lottery prizes in Ukraine:19.5% - state taxes

So every winner of Ukrainian lottery has to pay 19.5% taxes from ANY prize. The size of a prize does not matter, so all prizes will be transferred to your prize account levying 19.5% taxes.

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