MEGA Millions Lottery

Play MEGA Millions Online

How to Play MEGA Millions Online?

In order to try your luck in the popular American lottery Mega Millions, you must purchase a ticket. Then, you need to mark down 6 numbers on it, 5 regular from 1 to 70 and a gold one from 1 to 25. All the balls are placed in two lottery drums, from which a winning combination of six numbers is randomly selected during the draw. In total, there are nine Mega Millions prize categories.

The minimum award is guaranteed to anyone who can match one golden ball (0+1). The jackpot goes to the lucky one who correctly guesses all six balls.

In addition, this lottery gives you a chance to use an additional option for increasing of your prize - Megaplier. It allows you to multiply the amount of your win by 2-5 times. If you want your bet to participate several draws, click on "Quantity of draws" and choose needed quantity from the drop-down list. 

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