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Megalot lottery started in 1977 and since that time, anyone can play and get the chance to become a real millionaire! To win you need to choose a combination of seven numbers in your ticket. If your numbers match the winning, you become the proud owner of a multi-million fortune. If you have from 3 to 6 numbers matched, you will also receive a prize, as “Megalot” has 8 prize categories.

Each participant can check results of "Megalot" using online ticket check service on our website. Preliminary results are known immediately after the live broadcast, and they appear on the website almost at once. And for those who are in a hurry to know the results, there is a special function which allows you to check your tickets online. Visit this page at any time and fill the form below in. Specify the date and number of the draw, and mark the numbers from your ticket. The results of your draw will appear instantly. On this page you will see the winning combination, quantity of winners and prize amount.

Our online service is available at any time of day for players all over the world. You can check your "Megalot" ticket with us fast and easy. Use your lucky combination and join the list of lucky winners!

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