Ukraine Megalot Lottery

Play Megalot Online

How Do You Play Megalot Online?

In order to compete for Megalot grand prize, you need to buy a lottery ticket. The format of the game is 6/42 + 1/9. Relying on intuition, you need to choose 6 digits out of the 42 main numbers and one Megaball from 0 to 9. If you are able to correctly guess 6 numbers you win Megaprize, but if you manage to guess all 7 numbers will win the Mega Jackpot. You can choose numbers by yourself or you can use a Quick Pick option and system will fill your ticket in with random numbers. If you want your bet to participate several draws, click on "Quantity of draws" and choose needed quantity from 1 to 20, from the drop-down list. 

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