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Quantity of participants of the popular MillionDAY lottery continue to grow fr om draw to draw. First of all, it is connected with high odds of winning. To find out if you won, you need to check your lottery ticket. If you have five numbers matched the winning combination, you can become a millionaire.

MillionDay draws are held daily in Rome. In lottery ticket, you have to mark five numbers. On quantity of numbers matched depends the size of the prize. Besides the jackpot there 3 winning categories more, so even if you have only 2 numbers matched, you still get a monetary prize. In current section of the website any participant can use lottery ticket check service. It will take you just a moment, you will get accurate result. In relevant cell you need to enter numbers, marked in your lottery ticket, choose the number of the draw right next to it and click “Check my ticket”. System will automatically check your ticket and show you the final result. If you have two or more numbers matched, player gets prize. Also, you can check your MillionDAY lottery ticket in other ways. For example, there is a video archive, where you can get acquainted with video records of the broadcasts for any date, statistics, wh ere you can find winning combinations. Lottery games – always unpredictable and exciting process. Take part, choose your bet, check your lottery ticket with any comfortable way and win desirable prizes!

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