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Mini Lotto Results Online on the ProLotto

One of the Mini Lotto draws can turn to you a great joy — the winning of jackpot. Such case is fully possible, as every week Mini Lotto has its new millionaire. That is the reason why participants desire to know the results of Mini Lotto draw as soon as possible.

Our online-service publishes all correct information about the results of the last Mini Lotto draws. Draws are held daily and final results are announced in an hour after the online broadcast. Such long time is needed for the prize fund distribution among all winners. Special commission calculates accurate quantity of winning tickets for each category and defines size of the prize for every winner.

Site publishes the results of the Mini Lotto lottery online, right after official final outcomes are published. Besides, you can use a special filter to find all needed information about the draw — winning combination, quantity of winners and size of the prizes.

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