Mini Lotto (Poland)

Mini Lotto Lottery Rules

Mini Lotto is very simple lottery, where you can win several hundreds or thousands zlotys daily! After a ticket purchase, mark 5 numbers out of 42 in it. You can do it by yourself or trust the choice to the Quick Pick option. To get a minimum prize you have to match at least 3 numbers.

Date, Time and Place of drawings

Draws of Polish Mini Lotto lottery are held daily, at 21:40 European time and are broadcast on Polish TVP channel.


Only legal adults, who has reached the age of 18 for the moment of ticket purchase, have right to participate in a lottery. In case if administration has doubts about the age of the participant supporting documents. Also, you cannot participate if you have any gambling prohibition by the court.

Prizes and odds of winning

The size of the prize for each of the winners depends on quantity of participants, who were lucky to guess five, four or three numbers. Prize — Mini Lotto jackpot is divided among all winners. As a rule, it is divided into: 50% for the 1st prize category (5 numbers matched), 20% for the 2nd prize category (4 numbers matched), 30% for the 3rd prize category (3 numbers matched). If during the draw nobody managed to predict 5 numbers, the whole premium sum is divided only among winners of 2nd and 3rd prize categories in the ration of 40% and 60% respectively.

Prize categories of Mini Lotto lottery

Numbers matched Odds Prize fund division Prize
5 1:850 668 50% (------) Jackpot
4 1:4 598 20% (40%) 400zl-1200zl*
3 1:127 30% (60%) 18zl - 50zl*

*Indicates expected amount of money. The final amount of the prize is determined by the results of draw and depends on the number of tickets sold and won.

Mini Lotto prizes are valid for 60 days. After this period expiration the winning ticket becomes invalid, despite the results.

Mini Lotto prize taxes

All prizes, over 2 280 zlotys are the subject of 10% taxes. Taxes are levied by organizers during prize transfer. So you’ll get your winning to the prize account, excluding 10% taxes.

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