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PowerBall is one of the ways to get wealthy really fast. Easy rules made this game available for citizens of different countries all over the world. Every day millions of participants buy lottery tickets with the hope of getting lucky. PowerBall draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday, so you don’t need to wait long for the next draw to check the result. Besides that, there are nine winning categories in this lottery, which increases your winning chances.

24/7 access to the PowerBall Ticket Check service is an important part of our service. On our website you can not only buy a lottery ticket, but also check it any time you want.

We publish the results of the draws at once after the game is over. You need to go to the Tickets Checking page and fill out the given form. In order to check your ticket, choose the number of the draw in one window and the numbers you've selected in your ticket in the other one. It’ll take a couple seconds to check the data and find out how many lucky numbers are there in your ticket and what prize you have won.

You can also watch the online broadcast of PowerBall draws and see the results live. But sometimes you may miss the broadcast, so online ticket check is the best option.

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