Play more – pay less

This is a rewarding program for loyal customers, where the size of the discount depends on frequency of your participation in lotteries.

  • Different discounts work for every lottery. You may have different discounts in different lotteries.
  • With every purchase of your favorite lottery ticket, your discount increases for 1%. Discount is also summarized with special discounts, but can’t be over 15%.
  • System counts discount automatically every day.
  • Maximum current discount is 15%.

Discounts for every lottery continue cumulating right up to the moment till you regularly participate this lottery. However, if you miss at least one draw, discount for this lottery resets and accumulation starst again only after ticket purchase and accumulates with the same formula +1%.

You take part in a lottery Mega Millions in draw 990. Your discount for the next draw Mega Millions will be 1%. Then, if you take part in next draws 991 and 992, you will receive 1% additionally for each draw and discount for the next draw is 3%. If you miss next draw 993, your discount is reset because you’ve missed the draw.

Example with a special:
After jackpots rise over 100 million, ProLotto presents loyal customers 10% discount. If you have discount of 4%, then it is summarized and you will have 14%.

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