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Super Loto Online Ticket Check Service

Ukrainian "Super Lotto" holds regular draws of multi-million jackpots, which attract thousands of players. To win a prize, come up with the correct combination and check the "Super Loto” ticket in time. Every year, many participants forget to check their tickets and many prizes are left unclaimed. Do not miss your chance to learn the results till it is not too late.

For your convenience, there is online ticket check service for you on our website. On this page, enter numbers from your lottery ticket and select the number of needed draw. The system will automatically check your combination and show how many numbers matched. It takes less than a minute — this is the fastest way to check your ticket!

If you want to experience the atmosphere of anticipation and expectations of each new number, then you may find records of draws in our video archive. With the help of search filter you can quickly find needed draw and check the "Super Loto” ticket during watching.

Remember that anyone can win the lottery, regardless of location and nationality. The only thing that matters is the combination of six numbers that you have to guess. The rest is up to luck. Take a chance, make your bets and check tickets with us!

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