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SuperLotto Plus online ticket check service

Playing American SuperLotto Plus is an exciting process which may lead you to the main pleasant aim - the jackpot. In order to take a chance to win it, you need to buy a lottery ticket and mark six numbers - five regular and one extra. If you guessed all the winning combination, the grand prize is yours!

Joining the draw of SuperLotto Plus, you probably wonder where and how to check the lottery tickets online. With our service you do not need to lose time and patience. Go to the ticket check function online. To do this, you need to have access to the Internet.

On this page you will find a form. After choosing the number of the draw type in the appropriate cells of the combination of your card, the system will automatically scan it and will give the result. If you find out that you are one of the winners, then you will be able to withdraw the money through the website. This option is the fastest and the most reliable one. Also you can check the SuperLotto Plus ticket during the online broadcast of the draw or with the help of our video archive. So you will be able to immerse in an atmosphere of the victory.

The "Check ticket" page was created specifically for you can check the lottery at any time. Study the statistics and analytics of SuperLotto Plus or just enjoy the process of the draw.

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