Tennessee Cash Lottery

How to buy Tennessee Cash

Fill the lottery ticket

Tennessee Cash Playslip provided on a website as an e-ticket, which has two playing fields. On a first upper field you have to mark any 5 numbers from 1 to 35. The field with number will be highlighted green, it means the number is in your bet. On a second lower field you have to choose Tennessee Cash from 1 to 5, it will be highlighted blue. The highlight will be canceled by pressing again and you’ll be able to choose another number. Or you may use the Quick Pick option and you’ll play with randomly generated numbers.

Pay attention, website wouldn’t allow you to choose more numbers according to official rules of Tennessee Cash Lottery.

You may also delete all chosen numbers, just click “Clear the form” or to add one or several tickets more, by click “More tickets”. By pressing “Delete”, you’ll completely delete all ticket filled in. All chosen combinations are duplicated at the bottom of the screen with total sum.


After ticket fill you may choose quantity of draws, your bet will play. Lower, there is a total sum in dollars and bonuses. During ticket fill there may be a common and cumulating discounts, in this case total will be displayed including discounts.

If you have discount coupon, click “Promo code”. In appeared field enter the code and press “Apply”. Total sum will be decreased and you’ll see the discount of your coupon.

Amount payable for a Tennessee Cas ticket


After ticket fill click “Pay” and you’ll have to register or, if you already have account, authorization.

After you authorized/registered you’ll have a choice:
  • To pay from master account
  • To pay from bonus account

You may find amount in your accounts on User Page or by clicking $ symbol on the upper panel of the website.
Click pay Tennessee Cas ticket

If you have no funds, press “Pay” and choose relevant payment method. There you can see what sum will be debited from your account/wallet.

Choose a Tennessee Cas Ticket Payment Method

Enter your details to complete registration and pay for your ticket and you’ll be able to find it on your user page in “Tickets” section.

Tennessee Cas ticket in your ProLotto account

If transaction was declined, you’ll see the ticket in “Orders and Finance” section, wh ere you may “Pay” or “Cancel” your order.

Tennessee Cas history in your ProLotto account

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