Tennessee Cash Lottery

Tennessee Cash Official lottery rules

To participate Tennessee Cash you have to mark in your bet slip 5 regular numbers from 1 to 35 in the upper field and 1 additional number from 1 to 5 in the lower one. You can do it by yourself or trust the choice to the Quick Pick option (it fills your bet with randomly selected numbers, which you can correct). The Lucky One, who has all 6 numbers matched the winning combination, becomes the winner. If on a current draw nobody hits the jackpot, its sum will be increased and transferred to the next draw.

Time, Date and Place of Tennessee Cash draw

Draws are held in Nashville, three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at 22:30, local time. Ticket sale close 3 hours before beginning of the broadcast. All bets, placed after ticket sale close, are automatically transferred to the next draw.


In spite, Tennessee Cash is American lottery, its organizers don’t have any strict requirements for participants - any willing, aged over 18 years old, can take part and win. Place of residence and citizenship are irrelevant, all you need is free internet access to visit Play section on ProLotto. 

Odds of winning

Tennessee Cash jackpot doesn’t have maximum limitation, so it grows up until somebody hits it. The jackpot of the lottery starts with $200 000 and increases from draw to draw until somebody hits it. Besides the grand prize, there are also seven prize categories, minimum reward goes for two numbers guessed. In every prize category reward is divided among all winners equally.

Tennesse Cash Prize Categories

Match Odds Prize
5 + 1 1:1 623 160 Jackpot
5 + 0 1:405 790 $**
4 + 1 1:10 821 $110*
4 + 0 1:2 705 $39*
3 + 1 1:373 $12*
3 + 0 1:93 $5*
2 + 1 1:40 $2*
2 + 0 1:10 $1

* - Approximate prize is specified, as final size of winning is determined according to draw outcomes and depends on quantity of tickets sold and won.
**- Secondary prize is not specified, as it depends on quantity of winners in this category and winning of the jackpot.

All Tennessee Cash prizes are valid for 180 days, since the date of a winning draw.

  • Prizes up to $600 can be requested in any Tennessee Cash ticket sale point or at the local lottery office.
  • Prizes from $600 to $199 999 can be requested at any of Tennessee lottery office, including official hq or by a postal order.
  • Prizes over $200 000 has to be reclaimed in lottery hq in Nashville. If you hit Tennessee Cash jackpot, you can get it only as a one-time payment in cash.

Tennessee Cash prize taxes

All tickets of this lottery are purchased in Tennessee state and there are no state taxes there, but winners still have to pay federal tax of 24% for US residents and 30% for non US residents. So all prizes over $599 are transferred to your prize account, levying taxes.

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